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Ruth Light

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Jeff Slottow

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WNBA/LA chapter members holding Trick or Treat donation boxes for UNICEF.

Join WNBA/LA for the Judy Lopez Awards Dinner June 8th!

On June 8 the WNBA/LA and the Judy Lopez Memorial Foundation will present their 29th annual national award for middle-grade children's literature. These pictures are from last year's award dinner at the UCLA Faculty Center. Please join us for this year's award dinner... Cost: $45

Contact Ruth at for information on how to make a reservation.

Our April 27 Literary Tea was another big success!

Here you see Suzanne Kleinbub greeting people and checking them in, and Joan Jackson (our amazing hostess!) in front of the book display, and finally Aria Cunningham (seated facing the group) as she talks about her book, The Princess of Sparta.

Our Featured Authors:

Aria Cunningham and The Princess of Sparta

The youngest of seven children, Aria Cunningham grew up, determined to follow the footsteps of Indiana Jones. She studied Marine Archeology at UC Berkeley and then traveled the world, excavating Roman palaces, castle-hopping from Wales to the Rhineland, navigating shipwrecks, and exploring the immense kelp forests off the Channel Islands.

Inspired by her real life adventures, Aria penned the first book in her Trojan Heroes series, titled, The Princess of Sparta, which tells the true story behind the epic love of Helen of Sparta and Paris of Troy that sparked the Trojan War and has captivated the world for 3,000 years.


"An intricate web of conflict; honor, power, family, love, sex and the powers of the Gods. It transported me to a world of mystical proportions and took me on a journey where I rooted for my heroes, always fearful of what the star-crossed lovers' fate might be. Powerful, gripping, sexy." ––Claire Tailyour-Hayes, Slackwire Films


Marina Peralta and Barriers to Love

Marina Peralta is a well-known psychotherapist, based in San Diego, who specializes in the treatment of children, young adults, adults, and families dealing with sexual identity issues and abuse. She also owned two successful dance schools for 20 years in Mexico City.

Marina Peralta's memoir, Barriers to Love, is a riveting memoir about sexual identity. Set in Mexico and California, it traces the author's struggle with family, society, Latino culture, and herself to accept her love of both men and women. Jilted by her first boyfriend, comforted by a lesbian girlfriend and controlled by her widowed mother, Marina married an emotionally detached man, only to find love with a woman later in life.


"Barriers to Love is a superbly-written, much needed addition to the literature of human sexuality. Part memoir, part exploration of this compelling issue of bisexuality, the book takes us into a world that will seem unfamiliar to some, a shock of recognition for others." ––Joseph Dispenza, Author of Older Man Younger Man: A Love Story and other books


J. Dylan Yates and The Belief in Angels

Raised on a tiny, New England peninsula, J. Dylan Yates moved to Boulder, Colorado to work at the County's Voices for Children program for 15 years. Now based in San Diego, she works as an interior designer and volunteers as a mentor with the Girls Rising program in San Diego.

The Belief in Angels follows the two intersecting stories of Jules Finn and her grandfather, Samuel Trautman––two wounded souls, one struggling to survive her childhood with her sanity intact, the other haunted by memories from his past of surviving the murderous Ukranian pogroms of the 1920s. Together they must decide whether to surrender to the grief that threatens to destroy them, or find the strength to swim for the surface.


"…a heart-rending but deeply optimistic and appealing story about finding oneself, and the power of love and loss to reshape lives." ––Laurel Corona, author, Until Our Last Breath and The Mapmaker's Daughter