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WNBA/LA Executive Board
Rachelle Yousuf
Vice President:
Liz Donatelli
Corresponding Secretary:
Cynthia Levin
Recording Secretary:
Kaleigh Tuso
Suzanne Kleinbub
Immediate Past President:
Ruth Light

Committee and Representatives
Membership Chairs:

Suzanne Kleinbub and
Ruth Light

Graphic Designer:
Cheyenne Yousuf

Social Media Chair
Danielle Miller

Holly Shaffer
Judy Lopez Award Liaison:
Meg Flanders
Judy Lopez Memorial Foundation Representative:
Jeff Slottow

Newsletter Editors:
Editor: Ruth Light
Member News Editor:
Jovita Jenkins
The Bookwoman Coordinator:

WNBA/LA Web Mistress:
Terri Negron

Members at Large:
Rosalind Myatt
Joan Slottow
Jeff Slottow
Lindsay Lees
Ruth Garcia-Corrales

Open Positions:
• Chapter News Editor
• Hospitality
• Parliamentarian
• Publicity Chair


WNBA/LA chapter members holding Trick or Treat donation boxes for UNICEF.

WNBA National Meeting - June 6 - 8

Rachelle Yousuf, and her sister Cheyenne Yousuf, attended the WNBA national meeting in New Orleans
last month, and here is a picture of the WNBA national board of directors...

and here is a picture of the mask they brought home for your intrepid newsletter editor, Ruth Light!



We are looking for volunteers to read to kids.

Every summer Curacao, the retail department store chain with several locations serving the Hispanic-American community, has provided a summer reading program. And for the second summer in a row, WNBA/LA has collaborated with Curacao to provide the volunteers to read to the kids. The program is offered every Saturday all summer long, and it is presented in Curacao's large, friendly, colorful Kids Zones, which are located within the stores. Everyone who read to the kids last summer had fun, and the kids loved please contact Ruth Light if you would like to join us this summer and be a reader... [email protected] or 310-397-4503.