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The Women's National Book Association is a national organization of women and men who work with and value books. WNBA exists to promote reading and to support the role of women in the community of the book. The Association came into being in 1917 and has ten chapters: Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Charlotte, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans

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image1Success Comes From Showing Up

Over the years I’ve been involved, and invested in WNBA, many wonderful and unexpected events have occurred. I’m writing this memo not to catalog my personal success, but to remind us – and to remind our chapters, and potential members – that WNBA is not here only to be served, but to serve.  Members, potential and extant, need to see WNBA not only as a ‘volunteer’ organization, but a group of dynamic, highly competent and intelligent women who are well connected - and willing to help.  While one of our key missions is to fulfill literacy needs for girls and women globally, we are also an excellent resource for Professional Development.

Becoming involved with WNBA is not simply an act of kindness, but also an act of personal growth and unlimited potential.  Here’s a list of successes that would never have happened to me without WNBA:

• “Soccer Mom,” a poem, appeared in the international anthology “If Women Ruled the World” published by Inner Ocean Press.  WNBA-SF received an exclusive call for submissions from the editor, I submitted and was accepted.

• Worked as a copy editor for “Inquiring Mind” a Buddhist publication after meeting Barbara Gates, the founder, at a WNBA networking event.

• Interviewed on KPFA radio with California State Poet Laureate Al Young - arranged by Kim McMillon, a WNBA member.

• Was invited to read at “Art & Soul,” a city-wide festival, by a WNBA member.

• Won a spot to read at “Litquake” a prestigious city-wide festival of the literary arts.

• Invited to be on a blogging panel at a Story Circle Network conference in Austin by a WNBA member.

• Had “Blogging” article published in Bookwoman.

• Received an invitation to read at Poetry Center San Jose by a fellow WNBA member.

• Had my poetry collection, “Seeking Center” formally reviewed by the President of Poetry Center San Jose.

• Published in PEN/Oakland anthology “Oakland Out Loud” (again, helped by a WNBA member) that includes such literary lights as Ishmael Reed and Al Young.

• Won an award at the annual Poets Dinner – invited by a WNBA member.

• Won publication in an anthology by an editor I met at Poets dinner!

• Met the founder of Two Bridges Press who published my book, “Seeking Center.

• Received a glowing endorsement from California State Poet Laureate, Al Young.

The list goes on as far as additional readings, connections and colleagues I have won while being involved with WNBA. So the next time a potential member hesitates about getting ‘involved’ with WNBA – let them know – ask not what you can do for WNBA but what WNBA can do for you!!!

Joan Gelfand
President of WNBA-San Francisco Chapter