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Women's National Book Association

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National Reading Group Month

WNBA-LA Chapter Officers

Julia Drake
Vice President:
Joan Jackson
Recording Secretary: Rachelle Yousef
Suzanne Klienbub Corresponding Secretary:
Helen Ross
Immediate Past President: Michelle Gilstrap

Committee and Representatives Membership Chairs:
Suzanne Kleinbub
Ruth Light
The Bookwoman Coordinator:
Position Open Parliamentarian:
Ruth Klein
Auditor: Holly Shaffer
Liora Mendeloff
Judy Lopez Award Liaison:
Meg Flanders
Position Open
Judy Lopez Memorial Foundation Representative:
Jeff Slottow
Members at Large:
Jovita Jenkins

Newsletter Editors:
Ruth Light
Chapter News Editor: Barbara Cherne
Member News Editor: Jovita Jenkins
WNBA/LA Web Mistress:
Terri Negron

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1. Ongoing chapter activities: (please check the box next to the activity you are interested in)

I would be interested in exploring further involvement as...

A member of the chapter's governing board (entails attending quarterly planning meetings; other responsibilities on a voluntary basis)

Editor or contributor to the chapter's newsletter

Chapter correspondent for WNBA National's newsletter, The Bookwoman

Web mistress or assistant for the chapter's postings on the National web site

Email coordinator, membership chair, publicity chair, or corresponding secretary

A member of the support committee for the Judy Lopez Awards for Children?s Literature (you could choose among a wide range of helpful tasks)

2. Email networking:

I would like to be part of an informal WNBA/LA network that would enable me to learn/tell about book-related or other worthwhile events and see who else from our group might like to go. My interests are:

General fiction and non-fiction (author signings, lectures, etc.)
Children's literature
General cultural events (museum exhibits, concerts, etc.)

3. I belong to the following literary or cultural groups.

I would be willing to pass along news of their events.
I could share news of appropriate WNBA events with them.

4. Program and small-group meetings:

I would like to suggest the following topics for general programs or workshops:

I am willing to be a program speaker or workshop facilitator on the following topics:

I am interested in attending smaller, more frequent meetings organized as a
book discussion group a writing workshop

5. Venues:

I would consider hosting a members-only event in my home.
Through my employment or my membership in other groups, I can suggest a free or low cost meeting room or a pleasant, reasonably priced restaurant where WNBA could hold an event open to the general, book-loving public. Call me about it.
I know a library, museum, bookseller, etc. that could provide both a program and a venue (both of which could be combined as a tour) for a special meeting.

In order to complete your listing in the WNBA National Directory, please check the appropriate boxes below. These will be your “search” professions/keywords in the Directory.
Los Angeles Indexer
Advertising Promotion Journalist
Agent Librarian
Artist Designer Library Administrator
Attorney Library Staff
Author Media Specialist
Author Children's Literature Other
Author Fiction Permissions/Copyrights
Author Nonfiction Poet
Book Club Print/Film/Broadcast/Media
Book Packager Professional Training
Book Production/Manufacturing Proposal Writer/Editor
Book Trade Allied Association Publicity/Public Relations
Bookseller Publisher
Bookstore Researcher
Children's Literature Retired
Community Service Reviewer Critic
Consultant Sales Marketing
Copy Editor/Proofreader Subsidiary Rights
Desktop Publishing Teacher Instructor
Editor Technical Writer-Editor
Electronic Publishing Translator
Exhibitions/Library/Museum Web Designer
Freelance Editor Wholesaler Distributor
Freelance Writer Writer
Human Resources/Recruitment

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