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Attention longtime members of WNBA-LA!

If you would like to be included in our Meet Our Members, Member Books, and Members Only pages for our WNBA/LA website, please send our web mistress Terri Negron ([email protected]) the following information:

Meet Our Members Page:
- Your Name
- Your Website (if applicable)
- 100-word description of you
- A thumbnail jpg photo of you (72 dpi, 125 pixels x 125 pixels-approx)

Member Books Page:
- Your Name
- Title and subtitle of your book
- Publisher, publishing date, and list price
- A 100-word description of your book
- URL to direct the public for information or to purchase your book
- A thumbnail jpg of your book cover (72 dpi, 125 pixels x 125 pixels-approx)

Members Only Page (login required): This section includes free gifts from other members (i.e., audios, CDs, consultations, etc. - if interested in participating send:

- Your Name
- Name of Product
- Description of Product - 25-50 words
- Image of Product (72 dpi, 72 pixels x 55 pixels-approx)
- Value of Product
- How to access the product via URL, phone call, or email