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Benefits of Membership

Welcome to WNBA!

Membership entitles you to benefit personally and professionally by connecting with other WNBA members in the following ways:


  • Learn about trends and issues in the book industry and literary world
  • Listen online to streaming audio of New York publishing panels
  • Receive The Bookwoman, WNBA’s national newsletter, three times a year
  • Receive your chapter’s newsletter .


  • Network with WNBA professionals via the online National Directory
  • Attend WNBA events anywhere in the country
  • Access your chapter’s and national’s Members Only sections of the WNBA Web sites
  • Vote in all WNBA national elections
  • Nominate a bookwoman for the WNBA Award


Through the WNBA Promotional Program

  • Promote your book or service on the national website
  • Member authors: One book cover image in rotation on the home page
  • Member authors: Up to three book cover images on our Featured Books page
  • Members with companies or professional services: Your logo, URL, and description featured
  • $30 annual fee

Through The Bookwoman:

  • Publish articles or book reviews
  • Publicize books or articles you’ve published
  • Advertise your skills or business

For Bookwoman Submission Guidelines and Deadlines click here.

Website and Media Benefits

  • Online National Directory
  • Post your books
  • Link your blog
  • Facebook publicity
  • Twitter publicity

Search our National Membership Directory. Our password-protected Directory is available online in the Members Only section of this site. The directory includes specializations and professions of our members throughout the U.S. This Directory enables members to contact and network with each other, one of the prime benefits of membership in WNBA.

To join WNBA

If you live in a city with an established chapter, contact them (refer to Find a Chapter). If you’re more than fifty miles from the nearest chapter city, you may choose a Network Membership and connect it with the chapter of your choice.  The Network Membership may be selected through the chapter of your choice.  Please visit a chapter’s website for network membership instructions.

Membership Categories

WNBA has four categories of membership:

  • Active Members are chapter members who live in close proximity to a chapter city and can attend meetings.
  • Network Members are individuals who do not live in a city with a WNBA chapter.
  • Sustaining Members are corporations or individuals that support WNBA financially and are recruited by chapter presidents, national officers, and others.
  • Honorary Members may be named by a chapter from time to time.

Chapters may establish additional membership categories for local use.

Active Membership

Active membership is at the chapter level. Annual contributions are paid to and established by the chapter. Active members are eligible to attend all chapter programs, serve on committees, be elected to local and national offices, and receive The Bookwoman. The chapter determines other chapter benefits.

Network Membership

If you’re more than fifty miles from the nearest chapter city, you can join as a Network member and receive many of the benefits of the chapter you affiliate with. Go to Find a Chapter to decide which chapter makes sense for you.

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is open to firms, individuals, or organizations that support the goals and activities of WNBA. Sustaining members are eligible to attend all national WNBA functions, nominate women candidates for the WNBA Award, and receive The Bookwoman. Contributions are on a sliding scale based on annual sales:

Up to $10 million or not-for-profit: $500
$10 million – $100 million: $1,500
$100 million – $250 million: $2,000
Over $250 million: $2,500 or more

If you are interested in becoming a Sustaining member, please contact the WNBA National President listed on the Officers page.

Honorary Membership

The designation and privileges of Honorary membership are made at the chapter level.

Join Us

To join WNBA, contact a chapter by going to their website and following membership directions. If you are not near a chapter, you may become a network member by contacting a chapter you wish to associate it, and follow the chapter’s instructions on becoming a Network Member.




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