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WNBA/Washington: Chapter Board 2016-2017

Below is the WNBA/Washington Board of Directors roster for the 2016-2017 year. The chapter board consists of four elected officers, the immediate past president as an ex officio member, and as many members-at-large as considered necessary to conduct the business of the chapter. Standing committees are established by the board and include membership and programs committees. Any chapter members who want to get more involved in membership, programs or newsletter activities should contact the Leadership Committee at WNBAinfoDC [at]

President: Tabitha Whissemore
E-mail: twhissemore [at]

Leadership Committee: Claire Emory, Majeedah Johnson, Judy Orvos, NC Weil, Tabitha Whissemore
E-mail: claire.emory [at], shebefearless [at], judithorvos [at], ncweil2 [at], twhissemore [at]

Treasurer: Claire Emory
E-mail: claire.emory [at]

Membership Chair: Majeedah Johnson
E-mail: shebefearless [at]

Publicity Chair: Ruqayyah Daud
E-mail: daudrs [at]

Liaisons to National Organization: NC Weil and Tabitha Whissemore
E-mail: ncweil2 [at] and twhissemore [at]

Signature Editor: NC Weil
E-mail: ncweil2 [at]

Book Review Editor: Lorine Kritzer Pergament
E-mail: lorine [at]

Webmaster and Signature Layout: Rachel Moir
Email: RachelMoir [at]

OPEN POSTIONS: Vice President, Secretary, Program Co-Chairs, Publicity Chair, Literary Chair, Literary Map Chair, Bookwoman Chapter Correspondent, Member-at-Large


If you are interested in any of the OPEN positions, please contact the Leadership Committee at [email protected] for more information.


Last updated: 8/29/16