Detroit WNBA Membership Benefits

  • Networking: membership provides exposure and the opportunity to establish relationships with women in a variety of book-related professions. Librarians, writers (both published and aspiring), publishers, editors, and booksellers can share professional connections with women in related but different fields of work.

  • Personal/social: program meetings offer the opportunity to establish new friendships; interact with a lot of smart women; get out of the house, away from the job and the same old, same old; and help to create some balance in life.

  • Practical skills: members who choose to participate in committees or on the board have the chance to improve upon or learn skills that range from chairing a meeting to desktop publishing.

  • Personal growth: self-development through quality programs, events, and activities which are both educational and fun.

  • National organization: connecting with people around the country.

  • Professional growth: provides opportunities for leadership and service (which particularly benefits tenure track professionals in academics).

  • Community involvement/volunteer/service: optional participation in the group's charitable endeavors and educational projects that promote literacy.

  • Flexible programming: programs and events accommodate busy schedules.

  • Staying connected: the chapter newsletter covers local chapter information and updates on national activities.

  • Metro Detroit Book and Author Society luncheons: as a sponsoring organization of the MDBAS, the chapter can offer excellent seats at these semiannual luncheons, which feature authors of national prominence.

  • National book publicity: members may submit information on books they've written for inclusion in the official publication of the WNBA, The Bookwoman.
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